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The purpose of the service is to perform the registration of a training group for an educational institution of tractor-engineering managers, in conformity with the requirements of regulatory enactments. Only an educational institution registered in the State Information System may carry out the training of drivers of tractor-engineering.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    In order to initiate the registration process of the training group of drivers of the educational institution, the representative of the educational institution (user) shall first meet the description of the service and complete or submit the information required in the e-service - the number and schedule of hours, the teaching staff, the training recording card of the trainee, the exact address of the places of practical training, tractor engineering and other information requested. The user must be a person authorised to sign the Legal Person or be authorised to perform an e-service on behalf of that legal person. The merchant information on whose behalf this e-service will be performed shall be displayed to the user before commencing the service. After the customer approves the customer's data (by pressing the “Continue” button). Applications for training of drivers of tractor-engineering may only be made electronically by completing the information required by the e-service.

  2. Receipt of services
    If a training group of driver drivers is registered in the State Information System, a statement shall be sent to the e-service user of the right to ensure the training of driver drivers. Type of receipt - only electronically in e-mail or in an e-address. On the other hand, if the training group is not registered, the user receives information on the rejection or withdrawal of the service, the justification needs to be improved and improved so that the educational establishment is registered and the submission of the e-service is invited again.